There were plants and birds and rocks and things…


Dear Readers,

My name is Ilana and I recently joined the team at SegoDesign.  I am thrilled to be working with Natalie DeNormandie, who happens to be a former fellow student and colleague from the Harvard GSD.  We also ran into each other a few summers ago, at a weathered picnic table under a mimosa tree, when I was working as a community forester with the Urban Ecology Institute.  And serendipitously we have met again, this time through a mutual friend.

Part of my role will be to help out with practical things such as technical drawings and office organization and infrastructure and eventually project management.  But I am especially excited to also work on fun stuff like photography, plant material and gardening research, and recipe development.

So, what do I bring to the metaphorical table?  Passion for and familiarity with plants, trees, and rocks; science and sustainability; art and design; words and music.  And …food.

Since I was very young, I have enjoyed cooking, most particularly with vegetables and grains and legumes and things that sprout from the soil.  I consider myself a foodie, but certainly not a food snob.  In recent years I have been fortunate to work for several caterers who specialize in organic, local, seasonal, farm-to-table cuisine – professionals who cook with love and passion and honesty and a sort of reverence for the ingredients and where they come from.  But these chefs are also artists, both culinarily and visually speaking, who take pride in the quality of their work, the integrity with which they produce it, and the conscientiousness behind their practice.  They appreciate good food’s capacity to move people and bring them together.

And on that note, here’s to the start of a wonderful year of abundance and deliciousness and appreciating the beauty and complexity of the natural world.

Looking forward to getting my hands dirty.


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